……And The flowers Showered: osho Revisited

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Rajneesh the Indian teacher hailed as a guru was known to utter prolific words. More of a preacher, he was, also known as Osho was an oddly insecure man irrespective of the charismatic front. He didn’t much practice what he preached. And he had a dark past that cast even darker shadows on what could’ve […]

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My Interview With Guru To Thousands Acharya Shunya

In Conversation With An Enlightened Master and Teacher To Thousands – Acharya Shunya. I had heard of her, seen her videos, read about her for years and finally, I get the honor of interviewing the remarkably enlightened and anointed Teacher and Guru to thousands Acharya Shunya. And it was nothing short of spectacular.  Her wisdom beyond […]

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3 Things To Do To Heal A Broken Heart

3 Things To Do To Heal A Broken HeartWhile a broken heart can take time to heal, even years it will inevitably mend itself.  It may never be exactly the same again, innocent or unscathed, but it will and can be whole again, minus the hole they left. That’s just a little remnant, a battle […]

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