Sage Advice From A Wise And Lovely Soul


Sage advice doesn’t come easy so when I first came to learn of the Elder Wisdom Circle I knew I had to reach out to some of these sages.

It was from a book that I first came to learn of the Elder Wisdom Circle.  It’s a non-profit with roots right here in the bay area that has taken off nationwide.  With chapters and volunteers from coast to coast offering wisdom and insights to seekers from around the world.

The Elders are all volunteers who respond to questions about life, love, happiness, and so much more.

They have self-chosen pen names and are anonymous on the site.  I had the pleasure of speaking to a few of them over the past few weeks and it is has been an utter delight full of insights, laughter and wisdom.  It’s been an honor.

So first up – is Susan L.  She had an abundance of love and insights to share with me and I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to gain the wisdom she shared.

Some of my favorite snippets from our exchange are below.

Sue : For someone who feels lost what would be your best advice. For someone who just doesn’t know where to turn for advice.

Susan L. :  “Just turn within and find even one thing about themselves that they like maybe even love and build upon that because if they can’t find something in themselves that they like whatever they are looking for will never be a match.  They need to own that presence of something special about them.  Because usually, they’ve come to the place where they don’t believe there’s anything special about them.  Either people have told them that or someone’s prettier…………everyone has something wonderful inside of us.”

Sue :  Now tell me as far as relationship advice – if someone’s in a bad or abusive relationship?

Susan L. :  “I always offer the opportunity to speak to a therapist or a counselor or someone nearby…………..I build them up so they can build themselves up, that one or two things they can build a structure on.

Sue :  Wow.  I think that’s such a great approach.  I think it’s simple when it helps them think in a way that they’ve probably not thought.

Susan L. :  “Yes because they feel powerless and for them to say, ‘I have power, I have control over something’ and that’s a hard thing…….I say make a list of a few things you love about yourself and if you can’t find a few start with one and that’s exactly how I put it in the letter.  Start with one.  Why?  Build on it…….”

Sue :  What is your advice for aging gracefully?

Susan L. :  “That’s a funny thing because it’s the same thing.  You know finding a part of you that you love.  To Love yourself through all the varieties of life…………I have to remind myself to age gracefully and to just accept that this is a process that is inevitable and it’s about how you think and how you live daily.”

To listen to the entire exchange click below.  If you’re seeking advice you can do so here.

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