How I Get My Mind Right

How we start our day is key to overall production value.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  And contrary to popular belief depending on who’s beliefs you’re following it should not be a huge meal stacked with eggs and potatoes and carbs and carbs of toast.  Breakfast needs to be powerful and nourishing.  You can do this with a light breakfast.  Since picking up a regular workout routine with a trainer, which can be somewhat excessive at times, I’ve been advised to eat some protein before our morning workouts so on an occasional morning I may kick things off with two scrambled eggs, about 12 raw almonds, a banana.  If I don’t do the eggs I have – either organic goats milk yogurt – super healthy and packs a powerful punch for the start of your day or non-fat greek yogurt.  I generally will add blueberries and strawberries to my yogurt and either walnuts or granola – organic.  Lots of great organic granola out there.  Look out for my simple homemade granola recipe.  It’s easy, simple, quick and super healthy and the best granola you can find.  Homemade.  Can’t beat that.  I generally do my yogurt breakfast for starters.  This low calorie breakfast is loaded with protein, all natural sugars and essential nutrients to get you up and going without feeling full and ready to go back to bed.  Greek yogurt, nuts and berries have also been proven to enhance mental stamina and clarity for getting tasks knocked out.  Don’t buy the little yogurt parfaits at starbucks or the ready to go ones.  They are packed with saturated fats and tons of artificial flavors.  This an easy do it yourself healthy way to start the day.  I’m always 100% on when I start my day like this.Also later in the morning I do a very healthy all natural juice.  I will be writing about the benefits of my all natural juice with a list of ingredients.  It is hands down the healthiest juice you can have.  Loaded with vitamins, minerals and nutrients.  All key to our success and endurance.  xoxoDSC00135

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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