How To Use Energy To Manifest


So energy is in everything. It is everywhere. Energy is everything.

Everything we look at, feel and touch has energy residing inside of it. And most of those things exude energy in the auric field around it.

Every single thought is made up of energy. So if we backtrack from there we can essentially say everything in creation has come from energy.

Everything, every idea, every gadget, every gizmo has energy behind.

So when we begin to understand energy in this very visceral way we can then begin to understand the cosmos and the world around us.

We begin to understand others better and inevitably it begins with us so we can begin to understand ourselves better.

It starts from this place of a very organic baseline understanding.

When you understand that energy is omnipotent and every aspect of your life entails energy you can learn how powerful it is to be able to tap in and use it freely and at will to manifest things.

So with manifestation it comes down to directing your energy towards that goal or intent.

That’s you all you have to do. You begin to home in on, focus on that thing.

Take all of your energy and begin to think about that desire or ambition.

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