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Who is Howard Bloom? To compare him to the likes of Einstein and Darwin is hardly far fetched.

Howard Bloom is a former music publicist, one of the greatest with a litany of famous artists under his belt, i.e., Prince, Michael Jackson, Simon & Garfunkel, Luther Vandross, just to name a few. But after becoming bed ridden for decades with an incurable ailment he turned to writing becoming a best-selling author.

How is it that some people are so great that they will be at the top of whatever food chain they touch? There are no other top music publicists who went on to become best-selling authors.

There must be more to this guy you say. Well there is. A lot more. We have not even scratched the surface.

He theorizes of a world far beyond our imagination although it seems ever more prevalent we are indeed headed in the direction of his theories that are perhaps morphing into prophecies before our very eyes.

Howard Bloom | Author


Howard Bloom has written several great books starting with a book on Islam which would not be an easy write I can guarantee called The Muhammad Code.

His autobiography includes intimate detailed accounts of his time in the music business titled How I Accidentally Started The Sixties.

And ever more notable are his three works on human evolution titled, The Genius Of The Beast, Global Brain and The Lucifer Principle.

In 1979 New York Magazine put him in their “Hot Plus 100” as one of the “Big Dealmakers.”

And while some of his writing has garnered massive backlash like his article, “The Importance Of Hugging,” featured in Omni magazine. The article sparred sit ins at the Omni headquarters and threats to boycott. His article suggested that muslim culture was unaffectionate and this lent itself to an entire people turning barbaric and insensitive as a result.

His book, The Lucifer Principle also sparred backlash suggesting his literature was Orientalist and racist.

Now while we in now way condone racism of any sorts his work does provoke thought.

His magnum opus is – Einstein, Michael Jackson and Me: Search For Soul In The Power Pits Of Rock And Roll.


Howard’s theory on the Cosmos and the aspect of it that he likes to call the God Problem.

What does it all mean? We are left with probing questions about the origins of the universe? Is there really a God? What if we are sadly mistaken and perhaps the cosmos are a miraculous happenstance outside of a God? We ponder.

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