I Fixed Us Some Lunch Today

mysuperyummylunch         I fixed us some lunch today.  We had a late last minute gathering so                 time was limited.  Not much thought here, but I think it turned out pretty well nonetheless.  Clean and healthy guarantee.  I was planning on a cold lunch.  It needed two elements, hearty and healthy.  So I went back on my favorite fall back dish, my famous chicken salad.  It’s pretty out there in yumminess.It’s always a big hit and I rave about this little go to guy because it is easy dish that even the guys dig.  The chicken salad has white meat chicken pieces, apples diced, pecans, currants, very very light mayo.  We had roasted red baby potatoes with pesto, yummmm and grilled asparagus.  I threw in some slice sourdough for the die hard starch lovers.I took a leap of faith on this one because I’ve done the chicken salad before and it is always a big hit no matter the crowd.  It’s a recipe that’s been passed around from pot luck to pot luck over the years. 

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