Icon’s Never Die – Christian Dior And His Atelier

Legend has it icons never really die. They leave their legacy and that legacy lives on.

For iconic fashion designer Christian Dior his legacy most certainly lives on at the House of Dior and not to mention the world over.

In Paris at his atelier the work continues. Couturier put in long hours replicating not only his incessant work ethic, but his quintessential vision of class, style and elegance in today’s thriving fashion world.

Women, with their sure instincts, realized that my intention was to make them not just more beautiful, but happier.

— Christian Dior

The global luxury fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. The luxury apparel market size is valued at 67.85 billion dollars in 2018. And while 2019 inches to a close that number is expected to be far higher than the previous year.

Dior revenue was $49 billion dollars for 2018. With it’s inception in 1946, now more than seven decades later it’s is safe to say Dior created a brand recognized the world over and a legacy that will live on to perhaps infinity and beyond.

I personally do not intuit a day women will be done with high end fashion.


And while Dior house cranks out awe inspiring collections season after season that is just one way in which this iconic one man fashion mega brand lives on.

Today at his atelier couturier and others who work there say the halls here are haunted. They believe Dior himself still wanders the floors and his presence is very much felt by those in the cutting room. Some even say the ghost of Dior ensures his presence is felt and at times it’s overwhelming.

Remarkably most of the couturier, some who have been there for decades themselves creating breathtaking works of art say they can very much feel his presence guiding them and ensuring perfection to a tee with each garment they make.

All I required to be happy is friendship and people I could admire.

— Christian Dior

Not one but several say he was a perfectionist and his soul or spirit years after his death lives on figuratively and beyond. They say his presence is undeniable. And the ethereal part of this is his spirit that wanders the hall at the house of Dior is not viewed by the dozens who vow to this as a scary or haunting, but a beautiful gesture to his profundity and grandiose legacy.

They believe he is sticking around with good intention to ensure pieces are cut and tailored to mastery. Many of the couturier say they appreciate having him around still because they can feel his presence working through them to ensure excellence in their craftsmanship.

And while icons create masterpieces that live on beyond their physical incarnation, some icons live on beyond all physicality. Christian Dior is one of those icons.

I’m a stark believer in the spiritual world and souls living on forever and ever. I’m truly moved by the story of Dior living still and seeing today’s work through to perfection.

He continues even from the other side caring with great passion about his art and legacy beyond this earthly plane. And that is truly remarkable.

Deep in every heart slumbers a dream and the courtier knows it. Every women is a princess.

— Christian Dior

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.