Invoking French Style During The Pandemic


What is it about the French? It’s the chic effortlessness. That’s what it is. How can these lovely darlings look so put together and so stunning yet so effortless? Now that’s true style. And all style mavens know this and know the fashion capital of the world is on it’s A-game when it comes to dressing and styling, looking well put together, but effortlessly chic.

That’s where it becomes more of a thing. If you can look classy and elegant and like a million bucks without having spent a morning and minus a team of stylists then you’ve got the fashion thing down.

Presentation is everything and how we show up really does leave a lasting impact.

And while we’re masked up these days there’s still simple little staples that can make us look savvy and fashionable, yes even during a pandemic.


And there’s a lot of buzz around the french cut these days – effortless – long, almost shaggy with some bangs. That’s turning out to be the new fave way to do your do these days. With your local salon shutdown and your hair stylist in quarantine we’ve got to come up with some other options. And the french long shaggy with bangs is where it’s at.

Here’s a little helper – French Girl – Approved Ways To Cut Your Bangs.

And the go to right now as always it seems is Parisian chic. Copy cats the world over take lessons from famous french women and not so famous french women. French street style is a thing to admire and learn from.

It’s always edgy, chic and a cut above the rest.

There aren’t a lot of rules when it comes to mixing and matching, but a lot of artsy, savvy, designer and vintage flair that will give you all the street cred you need when wanting to step up your style game with little to no effort.

Remember it’s all about those staples.


French staples always include a lot of black and white, silky blouses, oversized coats and blazers, awesome boots and hats topped off with those Parisian bangs. You just can’t go wrong.

Let’s take a lesson in fashion from one of my favorites, style icon Caroline De Maigret. She knows how it’s done.



For more on awesome Parisian Style check out Harper’s Bizarre Spring 2020 – Cutest Street Style From Paris.

Nothing is going to stop these ladies from always looking marvelous – not even a pandemic.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.