Indian Farmer PROTESTS | Why The World Should Listen

We do our best to keep content on here inspirational and meaningful and in that bent we present to you one of the greatest world horrors that is taking place right now the Indian farmer protests.

With little resolve and fewer options – the egregious corruption that is happening before the world cannot be ignored.

Karma comes in strange ways? I ponder what karma is surely coming to Monsanto and Narendra Modi?


The world as we know it has been built on free trade, open air markets, globalization that allows for individuals to not only feed people through ag production, but to make use of the land, live off of their land, their property. Sow the seeds of a good harvest and reap from that harvest to which farmers have always had free will over and benefit from that and contribute to agricultural production and feeding communities globally along with feeding your own family.

Having the choice to sow your seeds and reap from those seems only a natural human right, but today that right for millions of farmers is being taken forcefully without warrant.

Indian farmers are killing themselves by the thousands and we paid little attention until a few months ago when hundreds of thousands of farmers descended on the ancient city of Delhi and stood their ground in front of the parliament houses demanding the world take notice of the injustice that is looming on their lands.

This is after all their livelihood and not much else need be at stake in a circumstance so dire. The deregulation of India farmland is sparking outrage the world over.

The Indian Government, i.e. Narendra Modi has partnered up with some old chums like his buddy Mahesh Ambani to come up with a new plan for ag that leaves little for the farmers on who’s land the majority of the nation and other parts of the world live off of?

It’s a horribly misconstrued tale that is being told through lies and falsehoods, the horrors of which are unfolding in broad daylight for all the world to see.

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In 2018, Bayer, yes that bayer that has been offering us relief in some form or fashion as long as any of us can remember came in and bought Monsanto under it’s crop science division. With lies of aid and assistance to farmers Monsanto went into India illegally and offered up shoddy contracts promising great returns in exchange for land if the farmers could not pay on the false promises.

Of course the farmers had no idea what they were being deceived into while Monsanto knew exactly the deception it was offering to farmers. Through rose colored glasses hundreds of farmers signed up. Monsanto promised that they could offer fertilizers and enhance growth and production multi-fold, but for a price. The farmers would sign a contract that allowed Monsanto to provide chemicals and then the crop would flourish. The farmers would pay a fee to Monsanto for the favor, but what the farmers did not know is that in the fine print of the contract if the crops did not flourish and if they could not pay they would have to surrender their land to Monsanto.


Perhaps the most corrupt politician in world history, Narendra Modi is hell bent on wreaking havoc across the land. He’s been known to send police chasing anyone who is not Hindu out of districts. He is considered to be one of the most corrupt politicians if not the world over, but most certainly in India.

He’s so gravely powerful even India’s CBI – Central Bureau of Investigation staged a coup to come to his aid.

Let’s just say he does what he wants. He has ordered the downing of hundreds of sacred muslim statues and sites all over India, but vastly prevalent in the U.P. region. He has sent patrols in to take down Islamic sites of worship and street names, even bizarres that are as old as time have been renamed after Hindu Gods. He has disillusioned hopes of one day turning India into and entirely Hindu nation. That day will never come, but he persists with violence across parts of India.

His patrols and armies descend on one district at a time leaving peril and destruction in their wake.

In an all too strange cathartic way he performs his evils in broad daylight before the world to see. Praying to Hindu Gods at public religious ceremonies he performs elaborately at will and with ease. He is a great evil in disguise. However those with any conscience Hindus alike see through the masks of the corruption and havoc is wreaking all over India. While many Hindus stand behind him in a sad and sorry effort backing a hopeless notion of Hinduatva even the gods must be laughing. Bhrama, Vishnu, and Shiva do not condone such ill evils even from a self-proclaimed Hindu like Modi. After all Hindu in Sanskrit means a large body of water. And Modi’s corruption is spilling over in any which way possible, many times even upstream and in directions not even the most beautiful of rivers can flow. He is spreading is ills all over the glorious lands of India one bad deed at a time.

In his most recent bout of corruptions he has partnered up with some of the wealthiest people and corporations in the world to profit off of the land of others. Make it appear falsely to the world that you are in favor of free trade and embrace the world’s largest democracy when in all reality it is being eroded and destroyed at the hands of an evil dictator. India is not a democracy whatsoever, it is lead by those at the top who are full of greed and ego and know no end to their atrocities.

Sadly the insurmountable level of nepotism has no recourse in India.


As we sit back and helplessly watch the Indian farmer protests we see the determination and resilience of the Indian farmers, predominantly Sikh who vow to keep their foothold on Delhi until the government backs down. The bills and legislation it proposes robs all farmers of their livelihood. It puts sanctions on how and where they can sell their crop. It caps their income substantially and forces them to work for the elite in India.

Modi’s obsession with power and greed will surely come to pass in turbulent ways. I believe that evil can only go so far and ultimately God has the stronghold on how far one man can take things.

The world is watching. And others are beginning to take notice. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is pleading for the Biden administration and Secretary of State Antony Blinken to step in and aid the helpless farmers who stand to lose everything.

The National Farmer’s Union here in the states is now also very publicly condoning these illegal and corrupt sanctions that are being placed on farmers as the Indian Farmer protests forge on.

We’ve seen how evil seldom prevails longterm. When Indira Gandhi used her power to force the Indian army into one of the holiest and most sacred places of worship the Golden Temple where prayers are recited around the clock, she too was met with a violent end. Her own Sikh bodyguards took revenge for the attack on a holy people and their sanctity.

One thing I do know about the Sikh on a very personal level is they are devout, disciplined and committed in ways no other people are.

They come together and they stand their ground. They are resilient beyond measure and their conviction is unparalleled.

They have been heard. Their protests have gained the attention of the world. And God too is watching.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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