Indra Nooyi: Giving Due Props To This Super Lady

So props are due here because this lady is somewhat of an anomaly. She’s at the top of her game in an industry and world dominated by white men.

So how did this Indian woman get so far? How did she become the chair”woman” of one of the biggest corporations in the world?

Pepsi Co.

What does she believe in? What is her work ethic? What are her values to perform at this level as an exec and superior to thousands?

And what can we learn from these values the lead her to the top?

Charisma seems abundantly given to her, perhaps handed out in spades when she came around. There’s an overwhelming sense of self-confidence I see that begs the question – Was she born this confident and perhaps it’s this innate trait that lead her to this level of success or is that the success she found through hard work and dedication to succeed gave her the confidence?

It’s an interesting thing to ponder nonetheless.

Either way, she doesn’t mess around.

Her smile and demeanor bright and cheery that it subsides the initial feeling of intimidation.

I believe there is a deeper awareness within her that allows her to connect with people knowing deep down inside she puts off an air of intimidation.

So that awareness allows her to bring more cheerfulness and a lighter cadence to the fore.

She’s one of the longest surviving female CEO’s. And this is something worth noting. In a world dominated by men the powerhouse woman will come along and eventually be swallowed up by the more “powerful” and “domineering” man, but no such spectacle at her expense.

She lasted and outlasted and prevailed as a force to reckon with. Again speaking to her charisma and confidence perhaps scaring off the likes of many men who would’ve liked to have out shown her and out do her.

The Bolder We Can Be, The Better

— Indra Nooyi

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.