Look For Inspiration – Find What It Is You Seek


Looking for something is the start to finding it.

We can think about it. Woe in the fact that it eludes us. Or we can decide to find it.

Finding something is the moving towards a decision to go after something. As part of this new decade it is my commitment to you to keep sharing inspiration and tips, know hows, my own rituals and the way I go about creating, writing daily, my routine, running multiple businesses and keeping inspired.

I keep inspired because I’m always after inspiration. It’s all energy. This is my go to line always and you know this by now if you know me.

I’m all about broadening my awareness which in turn broadens my horizons. It’s this hunger I have for information, it’s an internal inquisition that lives inside of me that wants to know.

I feel there is so much out there to pull in. And then to push back out with my own spin on it.

This is who I am and this is how I live an inspired life day and day out. I look for inspiration everywhere. I seek it in all things. I do the soul work. And it’s this really that allows me to make room to bring in new inspiration.

I’m open to all the abundance the universe lays out before me. And it’s the openness that brings it to the fore. I wouldn’t receive if I wasn’t extending a hand outwards. I’m in receipt of the abundance because I’m longing for it, calling for it, seeking it.

So this is how we will push through 2020 and keep inspired. We will commit to excellence. And we will commit ourselves to discipline and dedicated focus and we will go after all it is our hears desire with unwavering drive and determination.

Here’s the our most awesome selves living our most awesome lives in this new decade and new year. Let’s be inspired in 2020 all the way through it. Start to finish. Warrior up

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