Monsanto Is Evil And Let’s Not Forget It



How evil and scandalous is Monsanto? It’s a long story, a tale of epic proportions that seemingly never ends. A tall tale of triumph and tragedy by an evil giant who seems to never have enough. Monsanto is now owned by Bayer which sheds some light into the vastness of its enormity.

Bayer acquired Monsanto in 2018 for an astounding $63 Billion.

You know what they say. The rich just keep getting richer and I’d imagine the greedy just keep getting greedier, befitting for an evil giant the likes of Monsanto.

What are GM foods? GM foods are genetically modified with genetic material and compounds through introducing genes from different organisms, making the process unnatural.


Let’s start with it’s history. I’m sure you’ve heard of Monsanto at some point down the road or perhaps you have not, but what I will corroborate for you is that whether you have heard of it or not you have experienced it, or tried it in some capacity.

These are the gigantic tentacles of Monsanto.

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“Monsanto is founded in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1901 as a chemical company, by John Francis Queeny, a 30‑year veteran of the pharmaceutical industry. Its first products are commodity food additives, like the artificial sweetener saccharin, caffeine, and vanillin.”


Chemical Catastrophes are another thing we can attribute to the giant. The former Monsanto in its heyday manufactured Agent Orange for the U.S. military between 1965 to 1969. Monsanto was brought on by the U.S. military as a wartime government contractor.

The current Monsanto Company maintains it did indeed provide the catastrophic chemical taking responsibility for this product since its spinn-off as a separate, independent agricultural company in 2002.

It’s critical to note Monsanto was one of the original manufacturers of both Agent Orange (dioxin) and DDT. Agent Orange is a toxic herbicide that caused serious health issues especially for Vietnam war veterans who had direct exposure to the toxin. DDT is another toxic chemical, a pesticide that has had devastating effects on the environment. For more of the details check out the the best-selling book Silent Spring, an environmental science book by Rachel Carson.

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Monsanto made it’s way into India Agricultural capital in the state of Punjab in the 1980’s with false promises of prosperity and wealth with it’s chemicals that would produce 3-4 times more than what Punjabi farmers were doing.

They were fine living well and did not need Monsanto, but with the lure of more crop that would amass more sales and more money the offer seemed hard to resist. The only thing is Monsanto had other longer term plans for the devoted farmers who had been living fruitfully off of their land.

Monsanto came in with shady contacts with fine print as evil as any modern day or old world dictator. They offered farmers free chemical upfront that insinuated the crop would multiply so for the farmers it was the obvious thing to do. Yes give me the free chemical to help my crop multiply and then I pay you back for the chemical over time as my crop has multiplied with the notion that they at this point would be flourishing agriculturally and financially.

They however missed the fine print that said if you do not pay us back we, i.e. Monsanto will take your land.

And this is what began the mass suicides of farmers in the state of Punjab. Their livelihood had been taken out from under them by an evil American Giant with whom they had no say or power.

In recent years with the latest round of Indian Farmer protest – the evils of the Indian Dictator Modi align perfectly with Monsanto.

The duo had been in talks to jointly control all farm land and force the farmers to sell directly to the government at a substantially discounted rate.

Checkout our previous article on the Indian Farmer Protests and Why The World Should Listen.

Although Modi has little loyalty to anyone other than his party puppets and any means of financial gain – he is now looking to give Monsanto the boot by making way for a home-grown company to come up with its own cotton seed technology to mass produce it.

Monsanto’s Indian joint venture withdrew its application for the introduction of a new generation of cotton seed technology to India. 

The fear now is that with India being the largest mass producer of cotton even surpassing China unless Monsanto and India can come to favorable terms the financial impact could be catastrophic the world over. Last year India’s global output of cotton was valued at over $8.5 billion dollars.

More ominously, the fight has disrupted India’s $1.8 billion-a-year seed industry, with Monsanto saying it may abandon the Indian market jumping ship.


The world of fair trade and open markets dates back to the beginning of the earliest civilizations. It’s been essential for farmers and croppers to build equity through their own land, sweat and labor and allow us and clients, i.e. all human beings to partake in the exchange of organic non-gmo crops to nourish and replenish.

But with evil dictators, the likes of Modi who are ultimately in it for themselves the world runs the grave risk of ceasing to exist as we know it. The end of fair trade would be detrimental not only for India, but other parts of the world that rely and depend on it.


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