My Blues

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It’s a double entendre. I am Sue and love Blues and I have the Blues. My Blues are heavy and will take a lot of man hours, money, time, patience, love, resolve and the world essentially to come together to make a difference. I also have a love for blue denim.

I hope through my work in the fashion industry and by selling a lot of fabulous blue denim and some other things I will be able to make a difference. As much as I love all my high end denim this is superficial and not really where my heart lies.

I write about blue jeans and will continue to do so because I’m a writer by trade. I love exploring and discovering all things denim and will continue to bring that to my readers.

I have been wearing high end denim for more than two decades so I know a thing or two about nice jeans and good denim. Japanese is my favorite. This is really some of the best denim on planet earth.

However aside from fabulous denim I am a humanitarian and these are the single two things I am most passionate about, great denim and making a difference in this world. It is my wish that I will pursue both with every essence of my being.

I hope to have a following that will understand and respect this and grow to love and fight my fight. I will venture off into this vast world of fabulous denim and turmoil and do what I can to raise awareness.

Issues that need to be addressed like child labor laws and some big name brands like Gap pumping out great jeans with an unethical stitch sewn by young children in unsafe conditions, unhealthy dyeing practices in an industry so vast and the designer jean pirating that goes on all over the world just to name a few.


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