Wet Plate Collodion Photography – In Process

While I was at the Oakland Women’s March I stumbled upon this.  Wet plate collodion photography in real time.While most wet plate collodion is done on tin and known as tintypes these were amber types which are photographs on glass.Brittany Bradley works as a photographer at the Oakland Museum, but on this day she was working on an independent project.She said she felt compelled to come out and capture images to bear witness to women and hear what they had to say considering the current political climate.Also, she wanted to put her own little touch on things hoping to rewrite a little piece of history with a remarkably artistic spin.I asked Brittany what happens to the images.  She said people who are photographed get a copy and the set from each march lives together.  She’s hopeful the sets will travel together to be exhibited together.  Although she says sometimes they are split up into pieces 1 or 2 at a time.  She prefers they be kept together as a set because she says they are a testament to each individual year and the individual problems we are working to tackle that year.I asked Brittany if she covers a niche, but she says it’s more of a feeling she gets.  She said sometimes its signs she sees or at times a conversation she might overhear that compels her to capture the moment.Last year’s images are currently on exhibit in Rhode Island.As for Brittany, she plans on being back out here for the 2020 march.To check out some more of her work click here.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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