Oakland Women’s March 2019 – You Feel Me?

The Oakland Women’s March brought out thousands of women and to the heart of my most beloved city.  This year’s march drew a lot of people who said they could feel a change in the air, a different atmosphere.  Most everyone I spoke to told me they felt a dire sense or need to vocalize and stand up for what many fear is a crumbling and toppling democracy.  As a collective, the overarching theme of the day seemed to be unity and solidarity.

I felt their pain and their sense of urgency to stand up and speak out.  I get it and was lucky enough to share the day with so many wonderfully passionate and dedicated people.

I spoke to the Director of Operations who helped get the Women’s March going here in Oakland.  Director Alison Mata said she knew after going to D.C. for the march she had to help bring it to the west coast. And what better city than Oakland?

I rolled around on an electric scooter, got footage, spoke to awesome people and shared a lot of laughs.

Also, happen to stumble upon a young artist bringing back a nearly two century old way of capturing images. Be sure to look out for that story – Wet Plate Collodion Photography.

I filmed the whole process and it’s pretty cool.

I’ll be posting that shortly so keep an eye out.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.