One Of My Great Loves – Sushi

Sushi is one of my greatest loves. And this happens to be one of my favorite spots to fulfill that desire. Kitaro. This is not one of the typical high grade upscale snooty tootie sushi spots. No this is not Ebisu or Tekka. What it is though is very good and clean sushi for very cheap. You cannot beat this for the price. Trust me I’m a consummate foodie and I will not eat anything low grade and unfortunately in this day and age we all too often see quality measured alongside cost. This is great quality sushi at a great price. Yes you can do sushi on a budget in the city.  I’ve had lots of sushi all over the city, Oakland and Berkeley, but this place really is a good quick clean sushi spot if you’re ever down in the avenues or near Ocean beach at that far end of town.  I just happen to have a best friend in this neck of the woods hence I’ve been a regular at Kitaro for about 10 years now.  Also love love love the asparagus nigiri, this is asparagus tips grilled over rice.  This is one of the few places that does this nigiri.  Nothing over the top spectacular, but a delightful concoction nonetheless.  The deep fried roll to the far right of the screen is $5.49. It’s the “Dynamite” and it really is. The Dynamite is a spicy tuna roll with light tempura batter deep fried topped off with a hot sauce. The rest of my order consists of avocado maki, sake nigiri (salmon over rice), shiro maguro (garlic albacore), and the aforementioned asparagus nigiri, (grilled asparagus over rice).  And yes a tall Sapporo to wash it all down.  Absolute deliciousness.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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