2017 Excited and Disheartened

2017 Excited and Disheartened is how I’m starting off.2017 is off to a bit of a slow start perhaps because of the Mercury retrograde.  While anticipation of a new year had been building, to my surprise that anticipation has been overtaken by a grave sense of solemness of what is to come.It’s truly a new day and while I refuse to mention certain names because of the low energetic frequency there is a feeling around that notion nonetheless.  There is a major transition happening here in the states at the top and it is having an enormous impact on all of us socially, culturally, emotionally and psychologically.  The bad energy and hateful speech is impacting everyone and trickling right down to the bottom, which is an all together completely scary thing.  When I say bottom, I mean the angry enraged souls of this great nation.  Unfortunately for us who are interested in enlightenment, soul growth, self-betterment and human betterment of the collective, that is not at all the case for all of the angry white Americans who feel as if they have been robbed of something. (Please note I’m speaking not of all white Americans, but the small minority who is angry and enraged, racist and bigoted.)I want to set the record straight here for those who are feeling enraged, bitter, angry and wanting to lash out on people for their own internal frustrations.  Minorities and blacks here in this country have not taken anything from you.  In fact it was the first white settlers who came over and eradicated essentially an entire group of people, the Natives, to whom the Americas belong.When we begin to go inward and become spiritual seekers we start to discover the truth.  The only truth in life is that no matter who we are and where we came from and what our circumstance each one of us is on an individual soul journey and the whole point is to learn and grow and ultimately evolve and elevate our consciousness.  We have all been dealt a different hand with our very own set of struggles.  When we look outward and want to point fingers at others for our own circumstances and feel some sense of entitlement in that without taking any ownership and without considering the truth based in historical factual evidence and happenings we will continue being lost.  We will continue being angry.  We will continue misguiding our frustrations and we will continue being small.  Small quite frankly is a pretty pathetic way to be.  We are here to be mighty and grand, gracious and humble, empowered and loving.  This is how we evade smallness at it’s despicable core.I’m compelled to write this and be direct because my sister was accosted yesterday by an angry hateful young white fellow who was enraged at the world and needed a victim to spew his hate upon.  Perhaps he feels better?  Perhaps his maker is working on the perfect karmic payback for his entitled and misguided white rage?  When we are angry and bitter and mad at the world, that is the universe yearning for our attention and demanding self awareness.  I guarantee he is just as angry today if not more so than prior to his recent accosting.  Poor soul has no idea he needs to manage his anger by going inward and not directing it at others.  Despicable smallness tainted in rage will only make the world a more scary and less loving place.I beg the angry misguided souls of the world will get right with themselves.  This is my prayer for 2017, not just for the angry white Americans, and the Muslim extremists of the world, but for all of the distraught and lost haters of the world.  Go inward and seek the truth and there you will find your greatest means to a path of peace and solace.  I pray for all of those people who are angry and mad at the world to go inside and seek not darkness, but light.  Everyone is fighting their own demons.  Everyone has been given their own set of struggles to work on.  As a firm believer in reincarnation we will continue to incarnate based on the lessons we’ve learned and carried into our next hopefully higher evolution.  How sad it is to think some souls actually reincarnate in to lesser forms or less evolved souls just to have to be given more karma to start all over again.It is my sincere desire that all of the anger and rage that is being extracted right now from the deep dark crevices of America be sent to the light for some sense of greater peace and contentment.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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