Second Best Stuffed Pizza In The Bay

pizza2                             Ok so here it is, the second best deep dish pizza in the bay. It’s the bay’s original deep dish pizza, but yes has taken second place. I know what you’re thinking. Why am I not at the best stuffed pizza spot? I was meeting some people in this part of the easy bay so had to settle for second best. Please note that when I say settle this is hardly settling. It might be second, but this pizza is first class. It is beyond delicious and still some of the best pizza I’ve ever had. Yes you guessed it. It’s Zachary’s. It’s delightful, filling, scrumptious, etc.  It really is an exceptional pie, especially when we’re talking stuffed pies. It takes the cake. Well sort of. It takes the second place cake. The sauce is always hearty, loaded with big tomatoes. It is always baked to perfection. It is really spectacular.  Very flavorful and super cheesy.  A hearty pizza. Thought I’d share since I was just there. Number 1 position goes to Little Star. Little Star kind of sort of blows Z-Star, i.e., Zachary’s away because of the cornmeal crust. Zachary’s pizza is a flour dough crust. It is heavenly in it’s own right, but Little Star really has fine tuned the stuffed concoction with it’s cornmeal version of this Chicago styled stuff pizza. The cornmeal is just much crispier. It toasts and crisps better especially for a thick stuffed sort of crust. It is healthier too and feels lighter especially when you’re dealing with a heavy stuffed style pizza. Lighter can be a blessing in disguise. I really do love Zachary’s. Always have and always will. It is some of the best deep dish pie in the bay area sky. So if you’re unable to get out to the city or Solano Ave in Albany for Little Star you can go for a close second with Zachary’s. You will not be disappointed. Check out Zachary’s site and locations.

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