The Skinny On Skinny Privilege

woman closing her eyes wearing white tank top

The skinny is here on what it’s like to be skinny. There is an abundance of privilege for the waify stick like. Is this truly a thing? Yes.

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Independence Day In The U.S. – What Does It Mean In A Land So Divided?

What does the 4th of July or Independence Day represent, really?Well it depends who you ask.  For America, figuritively it is on the the 4th of July, 1776 that America constituted the Declaration of Independence and hence the USA became a free and independent nation.How free though I ask can a nation be that imprisons, […]

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Privilege – What It Is And How Do You Know

Privilege, what is it?  Only when you have dark can you know light.  Only when you have sadness can you bathe in joy.  Only through liberation could one feel the agony of incarceration.  The polar opposite allows you to know one from the other.  When all one has ever known is privilege they may not […]

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