Independence Day In The U.S. – What Does It Mean In A Land So Divided?

What does the 4th of July or Independence Day represent, really?Well it depends who you ask.  For America, figuritively it is on the the 4th of July, 1776 that America constituted the Declaration of Independence and hence the USA became a free and independent nation.How free though I ask can a nation be that imprisons, cages, enslaves and claims land of others?  Rightfully so the nation is so divided in 2018.  The virtues upon what this nation stands for may elude some of us today.  Who among is can freely claim this nation as his or hers?  Although for those of us who call it home and have been raised here we claim it as ours despite those who feel threatened by our presence.Those feeling weak, insecure and threatened are the ancestors of the very people who stole the land and lay claims on it today.  The irony so grand it’s a contemplative struggle to digest.  How do we lay claim upon something belonging to someone else?  Time is only a portal through which we remove ourselves from actuality, but the essence of happenstance can never be removed, eradicated or simply forgotten.  The facts remain the facts.  Only entitlement would even attempt to explain this away.How does one claim something that was stolen to begin with?  Does time evade the facts and the essence of the virtues upon how, when and under what circumstances America was founded?  Is it the fact that we are several hundred years removed from the thievery that we can act in entitled immorality today?  Not I, but they.  Not you, but he.  Not us, but them.  How is this so?  How do we digest this?What does America really stand for?  Who among us is really free?  Who does not deserve sovereignty and peace and inevitable freedom?  I think these are human needs and rights, not just those of a specified class of  “Americans.”These are rights every man, woman and child in the entire world is entitled to and deserves wholeheartedly.  Freedom and Indepence is a right we all deserve.  Irrespective of geographical happenstance it should be a God given right.  What does Your America stand for? 

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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