Joan trumpauer mulholland | civil rights activist

Joan Trumpauer Mulholland

John Trumpauer Mulholland – American Civil Rights Activist – AKA total bad ass. Get to know her story.

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James altucher teaches us how to choose ourselves

James Altucher

If you had to choose what would that actually look like? What does choosing yourself even mean? CHOOSE YOURSELF Have you ever chosen something other than yourself? James Altucher has. He’s a writer, serial entrepreneur, angel investor, podcaster, poker addict and quite frankly a modern day genius. He’s amassed great wealth, in the several million […]

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9/11 – 19 Years Later & Still Coping

It’s hard to grapple with time. So fleeting it seems and even harder to imagine it’s been 19 years since one of the most horrific attacks on U.S. soil. 9-11 is one of those days if you are 23 or older – you probably remember well. It’s unforgettable and of course, “we shall never forget.” […]

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