9/11 – 19 Years Later & Still Coping


It’s hard to grapple with time. So fleeting it seems and even harder to imagine it’s been 19 years since one of the most horrific attacks on U.S. soil.

9-11 is one of those days if you are 23 or older – you probably remember well. It’s unforgettable and of course, “we shall never forget.”

I say 23 because it’s usually around the age of 3 or 4 that we house and hold our earliest childhood memories so perhaps 22 then would be the number. I know there were many children 3 and 4 year olds who lost parents on that day.

And then of course older children and older people and us adults who were in our twenties and remember clearly the unfolding of that morning and trying to grasp what we were seeing. Not knowing exactly what we seeing. Some of us watching that second plane, United Airlies Flight 175 go in to the second tower.

I was producing a morning newscast on that day. We were live on air and had just gone on. My show was 5:30 am to 7am. I was the morning producer at KOLO-TV – News Channel 8 – the ABC affiliate in Reno, Nevada.

And that was a morning I along with the rest of the nation will never ever forget. The horrors of the morning coming to light before us – the helplessness, grief and sorrow that ran through us all that day. The timeline for the day of the September attacks. You couldn’t write this story – hollywood couldn’t make up such a script. Unconscionable still the way the events of the day played out.

The FAA grounding all flights. Discovering moment to moment there were other flights in the air with terrorist holding passengers hostage.

Hard to believe we’ve put two decades down since that awful day, but grateful for the beauty of time, memories, loved ones and the resolve of this nation to continue.

It’s human resolve really – the world over.

We have an innate way of finding that inner strength and power to forge ahead. We continue on. We get through the most hideous things and we do our best to live in our power and so many of those people in that newsroom and so many friends, colleagues, loved ones have done just that.

And now with the new looming crises – we’re fighting two threats in California – virus safety and fire safety and resources are running thin. It’s no longer just the pandemic, but raging wildfires roaring through the gist of our state. Little pockets untouched, but a lot of our drought ridden state is on fire and still we push on.

Waiting for news of a vaccine to bring normalcy back to all of our lives the world over and holding hope for the fires to cease and keeping the more than 14,000 firefighters in our hearts and prayers.

Sue Dhillon is a journalist, writer, author, trainer and energy worker. She is the founder and editor of SuesBlues Magazine.


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