Tear It Down!!!

It’s ironic how cyclical things are. I believe it was 1987 when I was going through my heavy metal glam metal phase. I had just gone to my first ever concert at 13, Def Leopard. They rocked. I was singing the “Pour Some Sugar On Me” anthem day and night.

Came home from the show, dug deep in my messy closet, pulled out my favorite pair of Levi’s and went at em’! Oh boy did I go at em’ full tilt with the sharpest blade in the house. Even drew a little blood, but in the end it was all worth it. I had a fabulous pair of torn and tattered denim. Originals in my opinion. No one on planet earth had these jeans, with these holes, in these places. They spoke loudly to my age, teenhood and having arrived so to speak. I had my first pair of rippy jeans.

Little did I know two decades plus two years later I’d acquire a few more pairs. The rippy jean is back and I love it cause it so very fabulous. It is edgy and chic and totally rocks. And rolls. No pun intended. They are the fad and the craze in 09 and will most definitely be spilling over in to 2010 spring styles. I’ve got several pairs on the way to the store as we speak. My current favorite is a little known line called “Found.” Too too cool for school. I love these jeans. They’re a black skinny, proportionate in all the right places with rips to match. Every major maker is doing this back again fad. Here’s a look at some big name rippy jeans for ya and the celebs who rock them.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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