The Push To Oust Newsom | California’s REcall election

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The push to oust California Governor Gavin Newsom is on, full tilt.

California Governor Gavin Newsom’s approval rating has been steadily decreasing. Some attribute it to his response to the wildfires in Southern California and his strong stance on immigration reform. A recent poll found that only 39% of likely voters would vote for him if there was a recall election, while 47% said they want someone else as governor.


1. Governor Newsom has an approval rating of 39%

2. The governor’s approval ratings have gone down from 47% in December 2018 to 39%.

3. Governor Newsom is unpopular, with only 19% of Californians approving of his performance as governor. 

4. Governor Newsom’s ratings are lower than Jerry Brown and Arnold Schwarzenegger at the same point in their respective terms. 

5. California residents disapprove of the way he is running state government, with 40% saying they approve and 55% disapproving.

6. 60 percent say that they don’t believe that Gov. Gavin Newsom will be a good leader for California over the next few years.


Well as we just broke down for you his approval ratings are down. Way down. People are upset about his handing of some of the state’s budget. Are Californians just angry or is it justified? The environment, global warming and climate change are playing a factor with many victims of recent fires here in the state up in arms about his handling or what they deem mishandling of the aftermath.

Others are upset about the way he is going about the overwhelming and soaring numbers of homelessness and tent cities that are popping up in every major city in the state. And while sometimes I believe people just want to be mad about something the litany of reasons he is being recalled goes on and on streaming down to yesteryear and the Trump days of heavy handed border patrol and locking kids up in makeshift concentration camps along the California, Arizona and Texas borders.

The Governor cut ties with ICE and instituted other policies that deemed California an open border state. Good on you Newsom!

The Governor wanted more leniency for this and is very much opposed to the child separation policy. I’m with him on this and he deserves to stay Governor for this alone.

Here are some reasons people are demanding he be recalled:

1. Newsom is being recalled because he wants to bring single-payer health care to California.

2. Newsom’s policies have led to an increase in homelessness and one of the worst wildfires in history. (Allegations)

3. Voters are upset about the homeless crisis and the lack of mental health services. (This has nothing to do with Newsom.)

4. Governor Newsom has been accused of mishandling PG&E’s bankruptcy, which could have led to disaster. (See my take on it in the link below.)

5. Governor Gavin Newsom has also been criticized for his decision to sign SB-100 into law, which would make California a 100% renewable energy state by 2045. Awesomeness.  

6. And finally, many people are angry with the governor because he wants to repeal Proposition 13 (a 1978 ballot measure that limits property tax increases) in order to fund education and other social programs without raising taxes on homeowners or businesses.


Ok so I will be honest and completely forthright here. I am for Governor Newsom staying on. At the end of the day he is a politician and he has to wear different hats and accommodate a lot of hopefuls with many different ideologies and wishes, but for the simple sake of playing devil’s advocate let me mention a few of the reasons I believe Newsom to be well fit for the job.

  1. His handling of the pandemic – he was front and center and took an aggressive and forward thinking role at the start of the pandemic wasting zero time locking down the state. Yes. I believe in the lockdown. I believe in the vaccine. And I want everyone to keep their damn masks ON til this shit is over.
  2. PGE– I’ve written extensively about this and here’s the deal. Gavin Newsom is the only person I personally have seen be extreme vocal publicly in taking PGE to task. I’ve been burdened along with friends in family here in sunny California on days it was a little sunny and the heat became excessive and PGE took the liberty to shut our power down time and time again leaving us in the dark. Now this pisses me off because had the PGE big wigs up top not gotten $25 million dollar bonuses, nope not a typo, they would’ve had money to service the outdated equipment they now fear may blow up, i.e. like the south bay neighborhood back in the day.
  3. Challenging Trump on his barbaric separation policy – this was was stellar as few politicians have the balls it takes to stand up to Trump. Gavin was not going to be bullied by the bully and shared openly and candidly his disagreement with the heinousness of separating children from their parents. Yeah people it’s all fine it’s not you and your kids, but guess what it’s never fine. This is unacceptable.
  4. This is a really cool and little known story about Newsom – he never louted for bragging rights – he just did this on a regular basis – unannounced – as Mayor of San Francisco – he went around the Tenderloin offering drug addicts free college tuition in an effort to clean up the streets and help some people out. He never sent out a bunch of press releases about this, but the word just happen to get out.

And yes I know he has a little bit of a checkered personal past, but who doesn’t. He’s human and I don’t need to or care to know what he’s doing in the bedroom and with whom. So whatever with that nonsense.

Also not to belittle his efforts with immigration, healthcare, gun control and criminal Justice reform. Watch my interview with Police Chief Bisa French on what she’s doing with her department and her officers in Richmond, California.


Governor Newsom has never held public office before and was elected because of his popularity as mayor of San Francisco; -he spent much time during his campaign talking about addressing climate change, housing affordability, healthcare access, economic inequality and criminal justice reform. But these issues have not been addressed adequately since taking over as governor.

Governor Gavin Newsom has been making waves in the news for his progressive policies in California, but what do these policies mean for the average citizen? This blog post will cover some of the most significant changes.

Governor Gavin Newsom has been making waves in the news for his progressive policies in California, but what do these policies mean for the average citizen? 

The governor recently signed an executive order that will ban state-funded travel to states with anti-LGBT laws on their books. The order is a direct response to Mississippi passing a “religious freedom” law that would allow businesses and government employees to discriminate against LGBT people. California, as well as New York and Vermont, have already banned nonessential travel by public employees. Governor Newsom’s new order goes one step further by prohibiting all state funded travel to any state with such legislation on their books.

Governor Gavin Newsom has announced his latest plan to combat California‚Äôs housing crisis. The Governor has proposed a $3B bond measure that will be used to build new affordable homes and create jobs in the construction industry. 

The Governor says he wants this bond measure approved by voters as soon as possible so it can help address the homelessness problem which is at its worst point since World War II. 

In a recent interview with the Sacramento Bee, Gavin Newsom talked about his latest initiatives. He is currently working on issues such as homelessness and affordable housing in California. He’s also looking to make it easier for people to vote by implementing same-day registration and automatic voter registration statewide, among other things.


Californians will head to the polls on November 3, 2021 to vote on a new governor. To be eligible, candidates must collect over 800 thousand signatures from registered voters within 180 days of the date they declare their candidacy. If no candidate wins 50% + 1 of the votes in November, then the top two finishers will face each other in a runoff election held six weeks later. California has never had an open gubernatorial race since direct elections were established in 1990. This is your chance to have a say and impact who becomes our next Governor!

California is in the middle of a major recall election, and it’s important to know what you’re voting for. Here are some facts about this year’s California recall election:  – The following propositions will be on the ballot- Proposition 1 (the tobacco tax), Proposition 2 (windfall profits tax), Proposition 3 (parental notification before abortions for teens under 18 years old), and Proposition 4 (closing state parks).

The reasons are complex, and ultimately it might be difficult to determine what exactly led to his recall. Although he has been in office since January of 2019, Governor Newsom was approved in a special election that took place on November 6th, 2018. He won with 54% of the vote against John Cox (44%) and Antonio Villaraigosa (2%).

What we do know is that there are three main factors leading up to Governor Newsom’s recall: high taxes imposed on Californians, low wages for employees due to minimum wage increases passed through by the state legislature, and lack of resources allocated towards mental health services as well as healthcare coverage.

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