What Is It With Mars?

What is it with mars? Perhaps there is something about the Red planet that resonates most with earth not just because of it’s close proximity to earth.

There are other similarities. It’s very much like parts of earth, the mojave is much like Mars. The energy and the frequency and the oxidized iron it’s filled with. And the red atmosphere that’s full of dust storms just like other deserts.

The tallest known peak is on the surface of Mars – Olympus Mons.

It stores four billion years worth information. A planet we are considering occupying.

Like every other planet in the galaxy our galactic neighbor Mars has its own frequency.

Mars like earth embodies its own set of traits and frequencies.

So what is Mars all about?







made up entirely of carbon dioxide

no oxygen

at times 100 degrees below zero

half the size of earth

distance – never less than 34 million miles

the red star in the sky

The Origin of the Name – The Roman God of War

signified – Hostility and unrest

Positive and powerful aspects included it’s distinctive movement in the sky. Mars wanders. It does not move about in the cosmos like the other planets.

Mars occasionally moves backwards.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.