Fascinate: A Review


Today I’d like to share about a really great book I’ve taken a strong liking to Fascinate: How To Make Your Brand Impossible To Resist by Sally Hogsheads. It’s a good read, but more than that it’s insightful.

If you are looking to up your not only reading, but writing game then fascinate will not disappoint.

It’s a creative take on copy writing and how fascination is what is needed to pull the reader in and how alluring it can be.

There are 7 key areas that we must touch on in order to deliver in a more alluring way.

To get your copy of the book go here.

How You Fascinate

We all have things that fascinate us. There are things draw us in and attract our attention. Many times it’s pops of color. Others times it can be colorful language. It can be beautiful images or a powerful slogan that calls us to action.

Either way there is a way to attract people to your messages and lure them in forcing them to act. It’s an art of sorts, a craft, a skill that needs to be developed and honed and gets better with time like any other form of art. Playing with words is a powerful means to delivering a message and propelling people to do the end thing, buy your product or service.

The 7 Key Areas That Allow You To Fascinate

In the book Hogshead breaks down the key areas to evoking fascination in what she describes the 7 Languages of Fascination as:

  • Innovation – The Language Of Creativity
  • Passion – The Language Of Relationship
  • Power – The Language Of Confidence
  • Prestige – The Language Of Excellence
  • Trust – The Language Of Stability
  • Mystique – The Language Of Listening
  • Alert – The Language Of Details

It’s a powerful book with many ideas that can be worked off while getting your brand messaging dialed in and out there for the world to respond to.

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