Be Thankful For The Difficulties

These are the greatest teachers.  The Dalai Lama taught me this.  Now I get it.  Through so many struggles I was forced to question them on a deeper level.  I knew there had to be a reason.  I could no longer live as a victim and profess I was cursed.  There had to be something more to this.  We must look reflectively and not be victims.  There is a lesson in the hard times that wants to come through. Acknowledge the pain and sorrow with wallowing in the pain.  Use it as a platform to blast off and come out stronger.  You survived this. A couple of quotes come to mind here – If we weren’t strong enough to handle it we wouldn’t be put through it.  or God only give you gives you what you can handle.Or  “A Setback Ain’t nothing but a setup for a comeback! – Read more here – 

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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