Va Va Room – 45 And Rocking It


Thirties the new twenty and forties the new thirty. And that makes forty five the most awesome age.

It’s the coming of age for a woman. It’s the here I am look at me now age.

It’s the I’m completely sure of myself and need no validation from anyone else age.

Forty five and rocking it is truly a thing. It’s the real deal. There are no insecurities if you’ve put in the work.

You’ve essentially arrived.

This is the primo prime. You don’t put up with BS. You don’t seek out approval of others. You do your own thing with the utmost confidence.

After many years of struggle arriving at this place looks like an awesome journey that is only just beginning.

You are touching your inner power and inner core.

Here is where you begin to touch your greatness.


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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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