Stand Up For What’s Right – It’s Ok

Yes take a stand and stand up for what is right. While we all make choices in life, there are some things that may go beyond choice.  We have moments and times in life when life will present the perfect opportunity for us to rise up and speak out.  It’s unjust to sit back passively and watch injustice.  If we are witness to abuse sitting back passively is not cochure.  If you see someone doing something uncouth, speaking out might be the greatest source of light you can offer.We can sit back and watch and bear witness or we can stand up and become and active participant to help raise the ethical standards of others.  When it comes down to a matter of ethics it comes down to a matter of moral duty and obligation.  We have the power to speak up and speak out.  We may doubt others and more than doubting anyone else, its ourselves, our own abilities we doubt.  It’s that fine line between I think I can and yes I can.  Moments are fleeting and sometimes we have to act even if emotionally and in the heat of passion to stand up to injustice.  Sitting back and watching someone being abused is not ok.  We may even surprise ourselves.  We see an atrocious act and we can sit back in fear or we can act from a place of unified awareness and out of compassion stand up for the victim or to the abuser.  And when we act passionately and compassionately next thing you know we’re in the moment living powerfully and it’s all happening right now before our very eyes and oh my gosh I said it.  I spoke out.  I witnessed something that pissed me off and I said what I thought and felt.  I spoke my authentic truth and let him or her have it.  It’s not about giving to them, but owing it to yourself, to man kind and to the culprit to keep it real.  There is no match for authenticity, the cold hard truth.  When people upset us and we just take it like victims, it festers.  This is a disservice to all involved, ourselves included.  This does not sit right with us because that is our intuition telling us something.  It’s speaking to us and telling us, it’s wrong.  Something is very wrong.  Taking it is a matter of choice.  Giving it back is matter of action.Sitting back in a heated fury is passive aggressive.  Acting and speaking out when someone gets out of line is living powerfully in the moment with conviction.  There are those who will sit back and watch injustice, but will never be right inside with not having taken a stand.  That is our conscience telling us something is wrong.  And when our conscience speaks to us it is generally a good idea to listen.  I have spent many years working on trusting my intuition, doubting myself, living in fear of being authentic and forthright with my feelings.  I’ve felt things from a very young age, but only with maturity and self development have I come to a place of self trust and awareness of my inner voice speaking to me, guiding me, advising me, nudging me to act.  Our conscience speaks to us and it is our intuition that is giving us a feeling of good or bad, right or wrong.  Most people will sit back and watch, but others will rise up and respond with a confident gesture of ethical servitude. We owe it to ourselves and to those, we must give voice to those who cannot speak up for themselves.  We may be the only help they receive.Fighting for what believe in is our soul’s heightened state offering us wisdom to act from our heart.  If we truly believe in something then there is passion behind our belief and feeling that will guide us and give us the strength we need to stand up.  If you feel something to be unfair or unjust, it probably is.  Trust what you feel inside and go with it.  Your voice is the force and power behind your passion.  Let it be heard proudly.  

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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