The History of Denim


Since my blog revolves around denim and my love and infatuation of it I felt it would be good to put things in perspective with a little background.

What is the history of denim?

It’s single handedly been “the” fabric phenomenon
of the last several centuries.
Starting with the 18th century.
Jeans were first when back then by slaves because of the hard labour and the incredible durability of the textile.

In the 19th century it became the preferred essential part of the wardrobe for miners during the gold rush. Once again it was preferred because of it’s durability.

1n 1853 Leob Strauss started started a wholesale business,
supplying clothes, denim in particular later changing his name to Levi.
And one of the worlds most recognized brands was born. There is a lot more to the history of denim, but this is the point the denim revolution began.


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