What Every Woman In Her Fourties Should Know



So the first thing you should know is that life truly does begin at 40. And absolutely it is true what they say, 40 is the new 30.

I’m half a decade deep in this 40 something game which puts me at 45.

And feeling super alive. Super well balanced and grounded. I’m more confident. Less outward and need zero approval from the outside world at this point.

It’s not over. If you’re tuned in then it’s just beginning.

Everything I Do To Feel Great About Myself –

So life and time have deeper meaning at 40 and I have greater awareness of myself. And this means I am dedicated to me more and more with each passing day.

At this stage I ensure I love myself deeply every single day. And that means doing awesome things for my soul.

I have a daily ritual of breathing, meditation, Qi Gong, Yoga or a hike or run or walk, eating well, Reiki, Reading and Writing.

These are the essential things for me. And while I know the seems like a lot it is my life. As a Mindfulness trainer I truly live this and embody what I preach.

The breathing, Qi Gong and breathing take about two hours of my day, but it gives back so much more. I gain several hours of production each day, but committing to these two hours. I feel better and have greater chi. It’s where I get my high chi and life-force.

Age Is Nothing But A Number –

The first thing you should know is that you are smarter and wiser and in your prime. These are the PRIME years of your life ladies. This is it. This is where we begin to evolve. Truly evolve. Here’s where we find our confidence, I mean sustained womanly confidence that might’ve evaded us in our thirties. This is where for most women a clearly different stage of our lives is setting in. We are more aware in general. We are more comfortable with ourselves and hopefully less competitive. Competition is not a game I’ve ever played, but I’ve definitely had it directed at me when I wasn’t even in the race.



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