3 Step Roadmap For Dealing With Life’s Struggles

3 Step Roadmap To Dealing With Life’s Struggles

Life is a very complex thing and we are not always able to maneuver it in a way that is the most helpful and beneficial for our longterm progress.

And when I speak of longterm process in life I’m referring to long term emotional progress, psychological and spiritual progress.

Without the ability and capacity to move through life powerfully we can be left feeling completely stuck and overwhelmed. We can lose it or spin out because it really is hard and difficult to get through powerfully without the right tools at our disposal.

It’s like anything else. Without clarity and a deeper awareness we can mull about, but doing the right thing, the healthy thing for the benefit of our soul will elude us.

  1. Become An Existentialist – Self Love – Self Work – The first step is the most critical. It is the ability to be able to see life in a whole new way. Becoming an existentialist means you have a deeper understanding of life. It gives you ability to see life from a philosophical stand point. It allows you to be able to have greater awareness of yourself and your existence in relation to all of the external elements of your life. With deeper perspective it’s inevitable you will have deeper clarity of why you are here, how things transpire and how to best deal with things.
  2. Have Hope – Hope is what will allow you the power to get on with it. Let go of what was keeping you from awesomeness.
  3. Learn Compassion – Step outside of yourself. Compassion allows love to take hold in the most powerful way. This is the ultimate step to

July 19, 2019


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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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