Self-Inquiry – Let Me Teach You How To Go Inside And Find The Answers 

Self Inquiry is amazing means of going inside and self-reflecting. So few of us do this. We live mostly by externalizing our thoughts and feelings. It’s only in the sitting in contemplation that we will ever gain sincere clarity.

So here’s what self-inquiry looks like. You owe it to yourself to learn more and go inside. Don’t externalize, but go inside for the answers.

Self-inquiry is the process by which you can self-examine. Inquire within. There are various types of self-inquiry and it is defined as many different things and there are varying modalities with extensive rhetoric.

Through my journey of self-reflection and from my teachings by my masters it is the means and way to self-discovery.

It is a beautiful and magical way of finding yourself. It’s unbelievable the things you will find. Far beyond anything you’d ever imagined.

We are boundless. We are the only thing getting in our way and limiting ourselves.

We have so much potential and when we begin to sit with ourselves in silence and for the purpose of self-examination we begin to have our first glimpses of how great we truly are. We see our own power and all that we are truly capable of.

We see aspects of ourselves we’d not known. We begin to see all of the potential that resides inside.

A Profound Awakening Awaits You

When we begin to learn self-inquiry we begin to develop our intuition and trust ourselves. We see our own potential in ways we’d never seen it before.

And we come out of it with deeper awareness. And in every encounter and interaction we have the opportunity to bring awareness to the fore and everything becomes more profound.

Life becomes richer.

This is the beauty and profundity that comes out of meditation and sitting in self reflection. Self-inquiry is a form of meditation. It is a means of sitting with yourself in silence and sitting with your thoughts.

It allows us to go inside and self-reflect on life and our experiences in a deeper way. And with true focus and through the process of self-inquiry we inquire within about our most profound moments, challenges and struggles and life and we walk away with greater understand. We have more clarity around it and perhaps our part in it.

And to give those thoughts and yourself deeper attention is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Learning to bring awareness to the moment and attentiveness is the greatest thing we could do.

Bringing them to your awareness. And allowing your own response mechanism to kick in and answer your life’s greatest questions.

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August 1, 2019

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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