4 Most Awesome Books To Uplift You When You’re Down

So there are those times in life we are left hopeless, helpless and at a total loss. It’s those times in my life that have lead me to journey inward.

Not wanting life to make me bitter and always having taken a more Zen Buddhist outlook on life I knew I needed to get right with suffering. I needed to elevate my awareness and better understand my own traumas and hardships in a way that would leave me empowered and hopeful and pull me out of the despair that had left me immobile on numerous occasions.

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Such is life, but it’s in those dark times I sought wisdom and uplifting inspiration. And the words and works of these four exceptional teachers helped me get back on my feet and back at it.

So should life throw you a curve ball or ground you momentarily and take the wind out of your sails then let that serve as an opportunity to retreat, go inward and find inspiration.

There is hope still. Never let the pains in life force you into total surrender. Instead meet that pain with grace and hope. Know, no matter what there is always hope.

This list is my breakdown of the 4 Most Awesome Books to uplift you when you’re down.

  1. The Art Of Happiness – Dalai Lama

    An absolute must read. This book will walk you through the highs and lows of existing in this incarnation and how to do it peacefully and powerfully. Life is hard.

    His Holiness The Dalai Lama speaks on suffering, grief, love, happiness, conflict resolution, forgiveness and acceptance to name a few. And it’s filled with wisdom that will give you a sense of peace and quiet through your storm.

  2. The Energy Of Prayer: How To Deepen Your Spiritual Practice – Thich Nhat Hanh

    So we all have been down this road. We seek refuge when we are down and out. It’s in the darkest of hours we turn to God or some higher power. You call on it for strength and assistance. Anything.

    And prayer may or may not be something you do daily or even on a regular basis, but that’s ok. You can call on it and tap into it nonetheless. Having a down moment? Well seek out a higher power to walk you through and guide you through and out of this hard moment.

    There’s nothing wrong with calling out for help. And in this beautifully poetic short read my great Guru and Master Thich Nhat Hanh elaborates on the infinite power of prayer. There are studies that show prayer to be a real thing that can manifest scientifically and energy that can be focused and turned into an actual answered prayer.

    No matter your perception or belief or religiosity with prayer this book will lift you up when you are down. Have a good go at it should life bring you to a moment of despair. It’s been proven to work millions of times of over. And after this majestic little body of wisdom you’ll be ready to kneel and ask. It’s a powerful thing to do. Let if fill you in your emptiness.

  3. The Motivation Manifesto – Brendon Burchard – Now I mention I was sharing with you uplifting books here and this one will more than uplifting. It’s truly one of the most motivational and inspiring books I’ve read. If you know anything about the author you know Brendon Burchard is super high energy, super positive and one of the top motivational coaches in the world. I’m a student of his experts academy. I became a student after my discipleship with his Manifesto. He aims to inspire with this work of motivation magnifico and boy does he inspire. He does not take now or any pouty excuses whatsoever. Brendon calls you out on your stuff and on why you’re sitting around moping around and why you’re not getting after your dreams.

  4. Wherever You Go There You Are – Jon Kabat Zinn – This sage is a leader in the world of Mindfulness. And for me Mindfulness has been a great blessing and chance at meeting life’s struggles with grace. And it’s been a blessing and gift to learn to live mindfully. I bring greater awareness to each moment and it’s allowed me to have a much richer experience moment to moment. Zinn shows us the power and beauty of “dropping in” as he likes to call it to get to that inner sanctum of wholeness and joy. We come alive to our own existence in profound ways. And life truly becomes richer. Let this great work be your guide to leading a more deeper and fulfilling life in every aspect. You will lead a greater existence with this understanding of how tapping into your inner self awakens everything around you make it all come alive in ways you’d never seen or felt before. Allow the experience of life to touch you deeply. You’ll be moved and transformed and find you awaken to all of life’s beauty and wonder in the most awesome ways. Jon Kabat Zinn will teach you in the most poetic way, how.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.