In Conversation With Karma Rinpoche – World Reknown Lama

Check out my interview with the honorable Karma Rinpoche of Bhutan.

While your average devout Lama keeps silence, praying, chanting and meditating all day most days, not this very special Rinpoche.

Karma Rinpoche of BhutanKarma Rinpoche of Bhutan

Karma Rinpoche of Bhutan

This world renknown, highly traveled, devout monk and Buddhist teacher is not like other Lamas.  It’s full time around the clock work for Karma Rinpoche.

Not only does he teach and travel across the globe with intermittent visits back home to Bhutan, but he has taken up dedication to rebuilding and restoring several Buddhist temples in Bhutan that were destroyed during the major quake that hit the himalayas in 2013.  

A massive undertaking that will be decades in the making. What I’m so blown away by is his dedication and commitment to seeing it all the way through.

Bhutan is a region in northern Asia between India and Nepal nestled high up in the Himalayan mountain chain.  With Everest as the backdrop the region suffered immensely during the quake that devastated structures, killed thousands and left thousands more homeless and refugee bound to lower elevations.

While Rinpoche is off on his travels and teachings to continue educating and spreading the Buddhist ideals he is spearheading a massive effort to rebuild and restore dozens of temples that took a major blow during the quake.

A little background on Rinpoche

Karma Rinpoche was sent to the monastery at age six.  As you’ll hear not only was he not your average six year old, he is not your average man or monk.  He has spent his life in servitude and dedication and now is taking on the commitment of a lifetime.  He has promised his people he will do all he can to help restore and recover from the loss of that catastrophic quake.

He tells me Bhutan is a place like no other.  The people are peaceful.  Devout Buddhists.  It was the last place on earth to get TV.  Crime is nil.  And his people are peaceful and all too loving and deserve to feel at peace in their sanctuaries, the hundreds of Buddhist temples that line the hills of his small and sacredly devout country.


I had not only the pleasure, but the incredible honor of speaking to him while he was here in the bay area and boy did I walk away feeling blessed and humbled by his grace and insights.

To listen to the interview click the sound cloud link below.

For more on Karma Rinpoche’s work.

Learn about the incredible Kingdom of Bhutan here.    


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