8,000 Times – What Does That Say?

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8,000 times. What does this say?

So to make my case in point I’ll use President Biden as an example here of what this actually means.

I had to rewind when I heard it, thank God for dvr’s. Now what exactly does this number mean?

8,000 yes, that’s the number.

That’s the number of times President Joe Biden has taken Amtrak to work from Maryland to D.C. over a span of more than four decades, 8,200 to be precise.

It speaks volumes to resolve, the long haul, the work, the dedication, the fortitude, the stick-to-it-tiveness of this moment. The inevitable outcome, the white house.

On the eve of Joe Biden’s inauguration he flew by private plane to D.C. not the customary military plane that is normally provided by the outgoing president.

This transition was altogether different. The transfer of power seeming all the more a true moment in history. I am fortuiting that moment is a moment of welcoming a man who very well may go down as the greatest President America has ever seen. We have and will not see another Joe Biden in our lifetimes, perhaps ever.

He is a special man with a big heart that resounds louder than even his political pursuits. It’s the countless displays of humanness that I love about him.

This is not a write up an infatuation, but a piece about honoring the values and characters of a human being, rather than the facade he or she portray. The heart does not lie. And I can trust a man who without warning shows us his heart over and over again.

It’s the lack of ego and the overwhelm of conscience. It’s the awareness to be present. It’s the ability to sit with another’s pain and share your own openly. These are the things that are the measure of a man.

It is a man who becomes President and cries publicly at the loss of his own son – even saying on the day before his inauguration in his hometown of Delaware that it is Beau his son who died of brain cancer who was also a politician who should be up here today as President.

It’s that level of humility – that we do not see enough. No Joe. You have worked hard for your seat. It is handily given with the greatest voter turn out and the greatest single number of votes going to one person.

It’s your nearly five decades as a public servant that landed you there. It’s your passion and resilience. It’s your wokeness. You have been more vocal on racism in America than any other President. Yes, even more so than Obama who has gingerly alluded to a race problem on most occasions not by his own accord, but after succumbing to pressure and criticism for not speaking out soon enough. There is a sense of puppetry at play with him it seemed.


The pros will tell you a lot of hard work and commitment go into mastering an art. There are ups and downs when you put in this kind of work. There are years of struggle and fortitude, grit and grime, it’s all there when you calculate the time. No set of 10,000 hours is without it’s pitfalls and woes and moments of despair and wanting to just give up.

However those who are destined for greatness bide their time. They seem to have taken it all in stride when they finally arrive, but I assure it is hardly easy.

I’ve spent years working on this here platform and it is slowly after thousands of hours and hundreds of write ups coming into being. And I predict I will continue doing the work and it will grow exponentially over time. And many who will discover might just stumble upon it somehow and think that it just came out of the ethers or “poof” out of no where, but no this was born out of a dream and came out of sweat and at moments tears. For so many years it felt this was all for nothing. There was no reward, no return. Just a few views here and there and slowly over the years I started gaining at first very little traction with it. I assure it’s still in its very preliminary stages of growth, but growth nonetheless.

I will see it through to completion. Watch me.


The idea that it takes 10,000 hours to master a craft. All we see is the master when she arrives. We never see all the years of behind the scenes work. We just see the end result. They have arrived so we don’t realize the hours it took for her to get there. So essentially the point is this. While Biden’s ultimate goal and accomplishment will very likely be his Presidency – he took more than 8,000 train rides, commitment, dedication and lifetime to get there. He didn’t just land there by chance, uhh ummm, like some of his predecessors, one in particular.


In his book the Outliers Malcolm Gladwell says – “10,000 hours is the magic number of greatness.” So he might be on to something. He goes on to explain in explicit detail how every great master had spent hours – a young Beethoven spent years at the piano before the world would ever hear Symphony Number 9 giving him the title of one of the greatest composers the world would ever know. And as was the case for Einstein and Edison. It was only after repeated failures did they actually find success and validation in their work.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.