Grab It – A World Of Opportunity Out There

Grab it while you can.  There’s a world of opportunity out there.  Is that how you see it?  Is that your vision or your perception of the world?  Our perception is exactly as we see the world and the world is exactly as we see it.  So what does that tell us?In my understanding of the world and from what I know and practice through moving and directing energy the world is very much full of opportunity.  I seek opportunity so I find it.  And I have not always sought to find opportunity, but when I have it without question presents itself.This is a simple law of the universe.  This is the frequency of life and the cosmos. Whatever we seek we will inevitably find.  That is energy in motion. Whatever we spend time thinking about, wherever we direct our thoughts or whatever we focus on manifests.  When we understand the simplicity and the grandeur of this we can truly understand the power of energy. And how to move and direct to benefit us and those around and us and the world at large.  We are a force.  An energetic force that has the power to move frequencies and empower and magnetize frequency away from us and to us.Everything is energy.  And energy is everything.  Everything in this world is made up of an energetic vibrational force and frequency.  When we understand we are energy and everything and everyone we connect with is energy we can then begin to understand how to elevate our consciousness to connect more profoundly with those around us.We can then interact from a magnetic frequency of love and universal vibration where we are in harmony with everything in our circumference.  We are alive and glorious and in flow with the rhythmic flow of the universe.  That’s when we sail and soar into true omnipotent Oneness.For more inspiration or to sign up for a course – LITE – Download your free Look Inside To Enlightenment Guide and learn the art of self-inquiry.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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