Aging Gracefully – Insights From Inside The Elder Wisdom Circle

As mentioned in my previous post I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of connecting with several volunteers from a non-profit founded right here in Northern California. The Elder Wisdom Circle is an organization which has senior volunteers from across the country answer letters from people seeking sage advice.

David Bickart is one of those exceptional volunteers who gives freely his time and wisdom.  Happily retired he spends most days volunteering in some capacity.  He embodied a lightness and serenity that was very admirable.  Of course this begged the question, “What is your secret to aging gracefully?”  

He was beaming when I sat down with him to ask him about life, happiness, his work with EWC and his secret to doing it all with such grace.He truly was so happy and full of zest when we met up.  What a delight it was to get a little bit of his awesome energy and some very great advice.  An honor to say the least.Need Advice from one of the awesome seniors at the Elder Wisdom Circle click here.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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