The Five Things I’m Stepping Up Right Now

There are three or four things I plug into my daily routine.

But with life going as it has forcing us all to slow down, think deeply, and re-evaluate so much in our immediate spectrum I’m feeling ever more blessed.

I’ve decided to push myself – more than I usually do. With the slow down I’m finding more time to do more of what I love and what nurtures and feeds my soul.

This I feel is why we are all here.

And while I’m sending enormous amounts of love and blessings to the entire world right now – I’m making a concerted effort to do more with this little bit of extra time I have right now.

I think it’s a call from the universe for us all to see what is important and meaningful in life. It’s a big shout out forcing us inward so we shine outward.

I’m using this time as a blessing and a gift and making the absolute most of the time. And I’m hopeful as this slowing down and reconciling of our lives is forced upon us in the wake of an ever present and still looming crisis – we all are thinking deeply, wanting more meaning out of life and doing more of the soul work.

I’m hopeful we will all come out of this stronger and brighter, braver and badder, kinder and sweeter.

I think the time calls for us to not only have greater concern for our own mortality and vulnerability, but is asking us to be more appreciative of life, time and all the beautiful souls around us on the planet.

I’ve been stepping up a lot of my regimen and rituals. Several of these things I do every day, but now with the extra free time I’m adding some daily things to my routine or upping the time with what I already do.

Here’s my five to keeping happy, productive and whole in these strange times.

  1. Meditation – I do this religiously, but I’m making the most of the extra time to ramp up my regimen. If you’re not much of a meditator, but ready to give it a go, click here to read my break down on how to get started meditating. And here to download my bliss guided meditation.

  2. Reading – I’m an avid reader, but the extra time is allowing me to plug in a few more articles or an extra chapter or two. Some of my go to favorites – Thich Nhat Hanh, Byron Katie, Pema Chodron, Dalai Lama, Brendon Burchard, Jack Kornfield just to name a few.

  3. Writing – This is another one I do every single day, but now with a little more time to crank things out I am able to step up my daily routine. I’ve most certainly amped and ramped this one up enormously. Check out my post – On Fear – Finding Hope In The Most Hopeless Of Times

  4. Getting Into Nature – even more. Nature connects us and realigns us to our most awesome selves and our most authentic selves in ways nothing else can. The Healing Power Of Nature.

  5. More Quality Time With Loved Ones – Having greater appreciation for loved ones. Having deeper more meaningful conversations. Listening better. Having greater awareness of the feelings of others. I do this already, but there is always room for improvement. We can all do better in this department. Thich Nhat Hanh on Compassionate Listening and Mindful Communication both great to learn and practice right now.

    Bonus – More Reiki – Even though I’ve counted down five I’m throwing this in here for myself as an added bonus. I feel this time is a gift and a blessing. It is asking us to reflect and go deeper with life.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.