New Happy Year – Let’s Go

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So, of course, it’s that time of year again.  We all tend to be introspective, inward and reflect on all that has happened.

A new year and new resolutions. Or perhaps resolutions brought back from yesteryear that were never followed through on. The follow through is what can allude us most of the time. Irrespective of that it’s so important and so very human to want to set goals and do better.

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Life is such a quandary at times.  The ups and downs and ebbs and flows are hard to handle, painful and displeasing.  We can pretend away those things, but the tough ones stick like glue.  Facing them and rising up is always a good idea.  Our soul demands nothing less of us.  Afterall we’re here for the evolution of our mighty soul.

Even those of us who are not into self-reflection are forced at times to go inside and seek meaning.  As the years pass I learn and understand not everything will make sense and not everything needs to be explained away.

Some things just will never make sense.  And with the start of a  brand new year let us awaken that deeper sense of understanding.  Let us be ok inevitably with what is.With yet another passing year comes a new set of goals, lessons, insights and ambitions.  I won’t dread what has come and gone.  The time lost cannot be retrieved.

I’ll instead live into what has not happened yet.  The potential of awesomeness awaiting us all in 2019 is what excites me.There is so much more ahead, awaiting us.  So much abundance to be had still and so much to do, accomplish, create.

I’ll live from a space of imagining and awakening the dreams of realities to be created, love to be shared and joy to be spread.The energy we start the year with may very well predict the outcome.  It is up to us.

And while at times life may leave us speechless, hurting and solemn let us use that pain and those experiences to lift ourselves out of the defeat and into warriorhood.  Let us be our most awesome selves.

Let us create awesomeness and love in all we do.  Let us love each and every soul we encounter this year and if we cannot love them let us at least have empathy for them.  Compassion, a most precious gift.

For more on compassion and empathy see my previous post.  Let this year be the greatest year we’ve had thus far.  Let us make it so awesome that we can no longer deny our own power and prowess of creation and awesomeness.We are all creators and the universe wants our abundance sprinkled across the horizon like ethers of pixie dust.

Let us walk in wonderment.  And let us see and be in awe of the magic before us in each and every direction our gaze falls.Let’s ring it in.  All the way in and let it be awesome.Wishing peace, love and prosperity to everyone in twenty nineteen.


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