America’s Fastest Woman Sha’CArri Richardson And Why She’s So Worthy

Sha’Carri Richardson is blazing a trail of greatness and has no plans on slowing down.


America’s fastest woman Sha‘Carri Richardson is not slowing down anytime soon. She’s in fact just getting started. She just hit that petal to the metal like she’s been doing for so long breaking the record for the 100 meter sprint during this week’s Olympic trials becoming the fastest woman in America.

Breaking barriers can be an uphill battle when you’ve been told and fed certain dogma.

Sha’Carri at 5 feet 1 inch had been told she didn’t have the legs to run, but what the naysayers didn’t know is what she might have lacked in length she made up for in heart.

She was born to win.


Sometimes facing adversity very well can be one’s downfall, but many times it’s that diversity that offers that extra push, that extra grit and grime to give zero fucks and keep going. Sometimes it’s exactly what someone needs to push them along over that hill onto greener pastures and to savor the sweet taste of success.

Sha’Carri is remarkable not only for her recording breaking feat, but for pushing past grief having lost her mom just the week before the Olympic trials.

In an interview shortly after Sha’Carri said, “My biological mother passed away and I’m still choosing to pursue my dreams, still coming out here, still making sure to make the family that I do still have on this earth proud.”

We should never underestimate our will to continue irrespective of the turbulence life may bring to us. Sha’Carri’s shows us prolifically how our tenaciousness can give rise to meteoric success.


While it may seem like Sha’Carri has just stormed on the scene she’s been working towards this moment for years. Dedication, commitment, drive, her grit and tenacity along with her will to inevitably get there finds her in this moment tasting her ever so sweet victory. She’s certainly worked for it. For more on perseverance and putting in the work check out our previous post on – 8,000 times what does that say?

While often it may seem like someone catapults themselves to the forefront of victory out of nowhere many times the payoff comes after years of effortless dedication in the direction of that ultimate goal. Yes of course there are times that people rise to stardom with little work behind them, but just as quickly as they blast onto the scene that shimmer dims just as fast, but for those who work for it they are deservedly here to stay. Sha’Carri is no exception. There is more greatness we will see out of this beautiful inspired young woman.


Florence Griffith Joyner has held this record for 33 years. Sha’Carri at 21 stormed on the scene breaking the previous time of 10.7 by hacking off nearly .3 seconds which is a lot in the world of mili-seconds.

We must honor Sha’Carri for her perseverance. Most would not be able to push through having lost a parent days earlier. We must honor her tenacity and her courage. We honor Sha’Carri because of the example she is setting for other young black and minority girls. She is leading the way showing us all that we are capable of so much and we can overcome life’s challenges and hardships. And no matter we must go on. And if we are able let us give it our all in the process.


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