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Bob Ross | The Joy Of Painting Series | Courtesy PBS


There are too many reasons we love Bob Ross. Let’s start with a few of his greatest qualities and contributions.

He was loving, soft spoken and inspirational. So inspiring. This is what we love about him. This is the magic of Bob Ross. Not only did he teach with great accuracy to paint with eloquence, but he was an inspirational teacher who told us we could. He told us repetitiously to believe in ourselves and that we can do whatever we believe in.

No one was doing this quite like Bob. For many it’s strange this is even an oversight of sorts. This was by far his greatest quality. Yes kudos to the magic he visioned and colored, but bravo to the way in which he did it, always keeping the student in mind.

Knowing his craft was hard. Knowing there were people who lacked self belief and the presence of mind to remind us over and over again of our own potential. This is the true beauty of Bob Ross.


There will never be another soft-spoken genius with an afro at the canvas painting epic landscapes after landscape in a span of 30 minutes on air. However, he was more than just an exceptional artist with a divine gift to lay magic to the canvas.

He was a lover of life and people. He inspired us with his work and soft affirmations of encouragement.


The sad back story is heartbreaking. A kind man who shied away from confrontation. He lived his life publicly and the persona he gave off was who he truly was off-camera as well. A kins spirited man who loved nothing more than to paint and offer joy and inspiration to others with his landscape paintings that held some wizardry in them.

He partnered with a shady woman by the name of Annete Katkowski who ended up taking the rights to everything that had Bob’s name on it and profiting mightily. Everything from shirts, mugs, paints, paint brushes, and so on.

Bob got none of those proceeds.

Bob Ross | American Painter | Inspirationalist | Photo Credit A.P.


His 30 Minute Landscape seemed unconscionable, but watching him create masterpiece after masterpiece gave us the belief that we too could lay some magic to the canvas.

The Joy Of Painting series on PBS went on for 31 seasons.


His soft caring voice with a nurturing tone gave us the belief to try and most certainly the believe in ourselves to attempt to at least try.

“All you have to do is create a vision in your mind and believe you can do it.”

“Cause we don’t make mistakes here, we have happy accidents.”

“In our world we can do anything. We can do any old thing.”

“What’s so fantastic about this is that anybody, anybody can put a little masterpiece on the canvas with just a little bit of practice, a vision in your mind and off you go.”

“Imagination is, it’s like any other muscle in your body or lack of any muscle in your body. The more you practice the better it becomes.”

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