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Brooklyn Decker is not holding back on voicing her concerns over the lunacy of Texas’ Governor.

Our favorite quotes from her candid call out of Greg Abbott and Texas lawmakers is truly priceless.

“Governor Abbott and Texas lawmakers y’all passed a law in 2015 that allows kids to bring their gun onto campus or their conceal to carry on to campus and you’re saying you’re pro-life. Really? Okay.”

“You aren’t letting schools mandate masks all while your hospitals are filling up with covid patients many of whom are children and you say you’re pro-life and you believe in body autonomy. Really? Okay.”

“The Texas winter storms hit and people are dying and they’re stuck inside and you’re senator leaves and goes to Cancun to escape the cold and you say you’re pro-life. Really? Okay.”

“You ban abortions after six weeks, a point in time many women don’t know they’re pregnant and you financially incentivize private individuals to rat each other out and say that you don’t like Government over-reach. Okay Texas. Okay.”

Okay. Okay. We like it all. Everything she said is on point and we know how it goes. The truth hurts sometimes. Okay. Okay. It hurts all of the time.


Texas Governor Greg Abbott is defending his new abortion law that was just passed this week.

Abbott was asked by reporters if the new law would force rape victims to give birth.

He responded, “It doesn’t require that at all, obviously. It provides at least six weeks for a person to get an abortion.” Six weeks? Ummmm…..many women don’t even know they are pregnant at six weeks so the absurdity of this law seems incredulous to say the least.

His absurdity didn’t stop there. He then went on to vow to “eliminate rape.”

I’m not sure how much he knows about rape. It seems almost has if he’s ridiculing the notion of rape altogether. He apparently hasn’t been raped or tried escaping any sort of sexual assault. I think it’s safe to assume he’s not a rape victim and does not truly understand how rape occurs. The psychology of the rapist and the trauma for rape victims.

Rape is not something that you can just wipe away. And to even suggest speaks to his level of ignorance.

We’ll get more into the problem and detriment of openly making preposterous claims like this in a future story, but acting as if you can just eradicate rape borders insanity.


California has some of the strictest vaccination requirements for children. The state requires immunization against the following childhood diseases including diphtheriahepatitis BHaemophilus influenzae type bmeaslesmumpswhooping cough (pertussis)poliorubellatetanus, and chickenpox (varicella).

Hey I bet your parents had you get these vaccinations when you were little too, not just so you could go to school and learn, but because they loved you and they would never ever want you to catch any of the above mentioned.

How is this new virus any different then what we’ve already lived through? I don’t get why people are taking this so personally? No one wants to control you. They want you to understand that this is what happens in life. Viruses appear and take over and harm and kill people. History repeats itself. This is not the first time we’ve had a virus roll through. And when it is a very contagious virus and spreads like wild fire around the world that is considered a pandemic and a public health safety crisis.

We would’ve all still been dying from polio or rubella if they didn’t come up with a vaccine. Same story now people. Ain’t nothing changed.

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We’re puzzled at this hypocrisy. How can you possible claim to care about an unborn child, but refuse to get a vaccine during a public health crisis with people dying all around us? There’s no reasoning or rationale with this argument.

Again this is not a political party line issue. If you demand on one hand that you should have the right over your body you are in no way entitled to demand someone else cannot have control over their body. It’s pretty fair and square and we know it works both ways.

Now here’s the difference. When you decide to have an abortion you are not potentially harming other people and putting them at risk. So this choice to do what you want to do with your body is absolutely yours and yours alone and does not impact other people.

However when you insist it is your body mid pandemic while people are still dying from a deadly fast spreading disease you are simply being selfish, arrogant and ignorant. Your choice to not vaccinate effects others. And that my friends is the definition of ignorance and foolishness.

Oh heads up there’s a new variant. No not Delta. Another new one and until we get our shit together we will continue spreading this deadly virus.

We’ll be giving you the lowdown on the new variant.

We remain as puzzled as ever about the disturbing Psychology of the Anti-Vaxxer. Read it here.

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