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brews2         Burgers and Brew a Davis hot spot is all it’s cracked up to be in the burger department.  While up north I stopped off with a couple of fellas, Tyson and Cameron, my darling little nephews for a Monday afternoon lunch.  I told them I wanted a sandwich and was possibly even craving a burger, which never happens.  I don’t crave burgers and with my voracious appetite I know now to always follow my cravings.  There’s something more to it when I end up craving something.  There is some good food or great in this case to be discovered.  So they recommended the “best burger joint in town,” ‘Burgers and Brew.’  It’s been nominated the best burger in the region several years in a row and you can see the validity of that in the image below.  Check the Burgers And Brew Site for more.  The burger lived up to it’s recommendations and its reputation.  Burgers and Brew delivers one hell of a burger.  I ordered a traditional cheese burger, medium well.  The sesame bun was toasted to perfection.  It came with all the fixings.  I got cheddar cheese.  And garlic fries.  Should’ve gone with the curly fries, but the burger more than made up for my slight disappointment in the garlic fries.  Although I do have to give them props for having real crushed garlic on the fries and not some mediocre seasoning or garlic salt or something not ideal.  The burger was good.  Really good.  It was juicy.  The beef was Nieman ranch so on the higher end and tasted good.  And this is saying a lot coming from me because I do red meat not as often as I used to.  I’m down to about 3 to 4 times a year.  I have had tons and tons of red meat throughout the duration of my years, but have just cut back in recent years.  So I’m giving this burger a big two thumbs up.  Generally as is the case in this scenario.  I let my pictures do the talking and as we can all see here it is pretty evident that this is quite the burger.  Worth a stop if you’re ever in Davis.  Also just a darling little old town downtown.  Super cute.

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