Collect Moments – Not Things

Collect moments not things, that’s right.  It’s sad the thought of so many in our world especially in the western world being lead by things and not moments.  The superficiality seems to be at an all time high.  And while all things seem to have their natural order of progression, the most disturbing progression to me is that of consumerism.  Christmas is now a two month long opportunity to shop til you drop versus a festive joyous time of caroling and egg nogging.  I like so many love the nostalgia of the holidays, the warm fuzzy feelings, the hot chocolates with whip, the ginger bread men, I prefer ginger bread women, but this sexist world only offers up ginger bread men  unfortunately, ok whatever I’ll delight on a ginger bread man or two or three  in the spirit of Christmas.   Yes I did go there and I always ask for gingerbread women when ordering even though I see and know they’re men.  So back to collecting moments.  I think the notion of collecting moments versus things also presents the idea of being in the present moment.  Acknowledging the precious moments that may just be that precious moments that come and are gone in a flash.  At the end of the day and the end of a lifetime, the things we collected will hold little to no value.  As we get older and become more and more reflective with each passing year it’s the moments that hold weight.  It is the memories with friends and family, the laughs and awesome times, those precious moments that we’ll end up treasuring, not the superficial junk.This is why we must live in the present moment.  It is an offering to be present and treasure the very essence of an awesome moment.  It awakens us to the real meaning of life.  Life is not about things and the ego that is fed by things and how people see you and view you based on your things.  Life is about how people see you and view you based on your character, your heart and your soul.I read a funny, yet very real quote today, “I’d rather be the one who smiled, then the one who didn’t smile back.”  Anonymous.  I’ll take a little credit for these fine words as they resonate for me profoundly and I’ve said this same thing for that past three decades.  Why do people grimace and not smile back?  Perhaps because they are too busy in their mind’s ego and not in their heart’s soul.  We must be present to all of the beauty around us, all of the beautiful people and all of the beautiful moments.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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