Oh To Be Free!

What is freedom?  I think it depends on what binds us?  Are we bound by chains?  Are we kept behind bars?  Are we a prisoner to love?  Are we seeking freedom from old beliefs and methodology?  During the civil rights days freedom meant basic rights.  Freedom meant the ability to be treated equally and justly.  Freedom meant to not be discriminated against.  Freedom meant to no longer be oppressed.  The oppression of a people held many people prisoner for many decades before progressive thinking lead the way to equality and a liberated people.Perhaps the freedom I’m speak has nothing to do with prisons, or equality, and an oppressed people, but rather a self imposed prison?  What is total freedom?  Of course this will vary for each and every one of us, but in my meditative work I’ve done with myself and others over the years I’ve come to find that most people are held captive by their minds.  So many of us get caught in a way of thinking that we keep ourselves held captive.  We get stuck in some place in life, through some struggle, challenge or difficulty and are unable to move past it.  We are unable to let it go.  Our minds begin the slow and daunting process of self-captivity from where we are unable to act, or respond or liberate ourselves to a place of freedom.  Our own minds are perhaps one of the greatest captors of our free will and liberation to act and be as we please.It’s quite extraordinary how our very own minds can play tricks on us.  It’s by our own choosing and at times we can be so stuck we don’t see that.  Everyone is to blame according to us, except for us.  When really we have total power and control of our minds and what we’re thinking.  I in no way make light of people with mental handicaps, but I’m talking about people who are fully functional beings who get stuck and become victim and captive to their own limited train of thought.We’ve all been there.   It’s just the nature of the mind to think, and think and re-think and analyze every little thing, every little occurrence and happening.  It was my very own mind and racing thoughts that lead me to meditation and spirituality in the first place.  I was always in a constant state of analyzation and generally over analyzation, unable to react.   This of course until I liberated myself and found a profound state of mental freedom.  Oh to be free.  What a remarkable feeling.  Quite empowering I must say when we realize how powerful we are and how much control we have over our own thoughts and actions.  Oh to finally be free!!!Image by Ales Krivec

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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