On The Eve of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

On the Eve of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, as I ponder how it could be the world’s super power  seems to be going backwards, I’m hopeful and optimistic the trajectory of the nation and the people is onward and upward.It has been a scary time coming to terms with the amount of rage, fear, insecurity, anger, hatred and vengeance many Americans are filled with.  It is unsettling to the say very least especially as a minority in America.  I’ve had my more than fair share of discrimination in various forms, but the 2016 presidential election has brought it all to the fore.  Minorities are feeling the brunt of the rage and the closet racists have felt safe enough to come out in droves this election, with a little encouragement of course. While I’ve always known and felt racism here in this country it’s only now in recent months and since the start of the campaign do I understand the extent and depth of the hatred brewing deep within many entitled White Americans.U.S. flags roaring down bay area highways on ten foot poles on big F-350’s making some sort of patriotic or unpatriotic gesture to us all.  When people bring out flags it seems to be some war like notion of conquering territory or closing in, gaining momentum on a region or winning the fight.  Is this not what the soldiers did in the olden days hundred of years ago in the line of battle upon securing a stronghold?  I’m quite befuddled at the absurdity of throwing down our flags as if we are some primitive nation claiming ground like they did during the Texas Revolution with the notion of “Manifest Destiny.”  Yes it is America, not the Battle of the Little Bighorn.   (Please note: while I share links they are simply  reference points, not to be taken in total context because sadly a great deal of American history is not relayed in context.  However there have been great efforts in recent decades to give a more clear and concise understanding of how America was founded and the grave loss of life and near extinction of the Native peoples whose country it is, or was.) Unless you are a refugee fleeing your home in fear of being bludgeoned by ISIS and are carrying a white flag as a message of peace, solidarity and surrender to the enemy, the flag to be used to convey some sort of tainted message just seems so old world, small minded and backwards.  We are not at war people.Anger and rage never created great winners, just sore losers.  Let this be my riddled prediction of who’s got this one in the bag.We must be honest with ourselves and not get lost in false translations of what America represents, what it means to be American, how the nation was founded and who it really belongs to.  We have to keep this all in perspective.  And the deeper inquiry shall be one of soul evolution.  Why such rage, hatred, anger, bitterness?  When we are angry and enraged looking outward for others to blame is not the answer.  We must look inside to heal ourselves.  I’ll close with a quote by author and businessman T. Harv Eker. “Happy people build their inner world, unhappy people blame their outer world.” 

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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