The Day After – Processing The Outcome Of the Presidential Election

The day after the 2016 Presidential election like millions of others around this great nation, I too am in a state of shock at the final outcome.  It’s not an outcome many of us had ever imagined.  Sitting with the reality of it and facing the shock and trauma of it is forcing us all to be in acceptance of what is. (See results map.)I feel there is a deeper lesson here for us all.It’s disheartening because I was living into a reality of a first female candidate and the barriers we’d break down.  I was imagining a cheery light filled new day of happy and inspired women scurrying about with a  greater sense of confidence at what could be possible for them.  I was imagining a narrowing of the gender divide.  The first signs of a trickling down from the top to the bottom.   I was imagining our first female commander in chief leading the charge just as well if not better than any of her male counterparts before her.Now through a very concerted 15 hour process of acceptance I have come to terms with the reality of this new day.  Nothing like the day I would’ve imagine, but a new day nonetheless.  And for all of us we are left with the task of having to accept what it is.  I’ve talked at length about acceptance and today’s need for acceptance is much like any other day requiring full acceptance in any capacity of life.  We have things that happen in life to us personally and as a collective that we must accept fully.  And the magic in this, is through the process of  peaceful and total acceptance we allow an awakening to take place within.  We allow complete surrender.  And with surrender comes a certain sense of freedom and disarmament.  Whether we like an outcome or not acceptance is not a choice, but a necessity.  And with that shear wholehearted acceptance comes strength, courage and bravery.  We are stronger as a result of our new found acceptance despite the circumstances.  We have given up resistance and welcome in a cerebral flow.   We’ve let go of expectations and desired outcomes and just live into what is because it’s the only way to live fully and freely.Today as many of us sit with acceptance we are offered a chance and opportunity at an evolved state of awareness and consciousness.  It’s a chance to practice detachment and liberation.  We can choose to accept powerfully and live into what is.  We can if we choose be optimistic about something we never ever had imagined ourselves to be optimistic about.  There is a great lesson here for us all.  We can extend our graciousness in solidarity and be with this outcome powerfully.  We can be hopeful that now that the race is over the country will feel less of a need to point fingers in contentiousness, but rather come together in unity.  We can hope and pray for those who have been angry and enraged that a sense of calm is settling over them. We can give them this victory with grace and love.  We can hope that they too will see the ill of their ways and find peace in this new day.For Hillary’s Concession Speech click here.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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