Filling The Pages Of Our Lives

How do we give our life the meaning it deserves? We deserve? How do we fill the pages of our life, our days? It’s up to us. How we decide to write the story of our life is solely dependent on us. What actions will we take now, in this life to ensure a better life to come? What actions can we take now to help evolve our consciousness? How are we bettering ourselves? Our life? Those around us? What have we done for someone else? Does our life revolve merely around our own needs and desires? Do we ever stop to think about someone else? Do we ever consider the feelings of others? What are they going through? What struggles and obstacles are keeping them from fully manifesting their wants and desires? Why is it all such a struggle? Who do we turn to when the going gets really really tough and the tough just can’t keep going? What if we are that tough that’s had enough? Is it really all cyclical? Will it ever end? Have I learned all my lessons? Does more torture and suffering lie ahead? Do I have to wait until I’m dead? When does it all end? When do I get some peace and happiness? When will I finally get some sound sleep? Will it only be temporary and very short lived? Will I ever have tranquility and contentment? Is this really my fate? When will I arrive at heaven’s gate? Can I fix what I’ve done or is it to late? I want so much more out of life. I act from a selfless place.I’ve always known this life was not about me. I am fully conscious of those around me. I listen intently to what they say. I can feel what they feel and feel their pain. I can set my feelings aside. It’s ok. The world does not revolve around me. I may not have peace or tranquility, but I have a heart that allows me magnitude of feeling. For this I am grateful. For this reason I have compassion and my world does not revolve around me and my pain. I may not have the things I want and desire, but I have the consciousness of mind to know I sit with sages by the fire. Even if it’s only in my dreams, I’m blessed to have the foresight. God has deprived me of things most cannot live without with clear intention. How lucky am I for such intervention?These are my struggles. I have no choice, but to fight the good fight. I live with all my might. I struggle to sleep at night. I pray for eternal light.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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