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Healthy living is many things to many people.  For me it is not only about a centered state of being, but what I put into my body to nourish my soul.  Much like any living organism we need nourishment to thrive and be at our best.  It really does make a difference what we put into our bodies.  The more enriched and sustainable the food, the more centered and better we feel.  Everything is reactionary.  How we eat will affect how we live.  How we live affects those around us.  How we thrive can affect our entire community.  Healthy and balanced living – it’s all interconnected.I do my best to stay away from lots of salts and oils and no fried food, other than the very occasional samosa.  I mean once every few months if that.I generally grill my meat/protein.  I usually always steam my veggies.  Here I have a piece of Alaskan Salmon grilled.  It was marinated in a organic goats milk yogurt, black pepper and drizzled lightly with olive.  Veggies just steamed straight up.  Black pepper condiment after for a little kick.  Lemon slither to add juiciness and a little tanginess.DSC00150 DSC00149

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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